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From departmental executives to program executives and managers to project leaders to practitioners and other staff contributors, our courses equip leaders to drive mission impact with AI

The aiLeaders Course +

This course will strengthen your practical understanding of AI leadership, emphasizing the integration of AI into major programs and delivering mission impact through AI projects. Chris and Frank personally teach every lesson, conveying 37 axioms and 100+ leader practices in the context of 50 case examples. The course also helps you grow through three types of applied learning exercises. What's more, this course offers two pieces of practical bonus content.

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The aiLeaders Course: Premium Edition

This edition has all the lessons, learning activities, and bonus content of The aiLeaders Course +. What's more, this edition contains two private lessons taught by Chris and Frank. The first gives leaders the salient points and relevance of the National Security Commission on AI. The second provides an analysis of industry standard data science / AI project methods. These lessons broaden and deepen your ability to think and engage on AI.

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AI for Senior Leaders

Principal executives across the national security enterprise need sufficient understanding of AI to have informed dialogue and debate with AI leaders, and make decisions regarding major programs and investments. This course has select content from The aiLeaders Course +, tailored to the needs of senior executives whose decisions affect AI-related investments, policies, programs, and personnel.



AI for Everyone

You are not directly responsible for an AI program or project, but your role has you contributing to AI related discussions and decisions. You need more than broad philosophical awareness of AI; you need a practical understanding of AI in a mission context. This course is relevant for non-data scientists in a wide-range of roles who need more than high-level AI awareness to identify potential opportunities for AI and analytics.