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From departmental executives to program executives and managers to project leaders to practitioners and other staff contributors, our courses equip leaders to drive mission impact with AI

The aiLeaders Course

For those who need or want a comprehensive treatment of leading AI programs, projects, people, and technology. Ideal for those in dedicated AI roles or anyone who wants to master leading AI work.

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AI for Everyone

For nearly everyone in the enterprise as you need to move before awareness of AI to a practical understanding in order to identity opportunities and participate in prioritization discussions.

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AI for Senior Leaders

For program executives, program managers, and their staffs who need to lead the integration of AI into major programs including assessing opportunities, prioritizing, and resourcing.

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AI for Project Leaders

For those assigned to lead or play a key role in AI projects, equipping you with a practical understanding of the core discipline - data science - and key axioms and practices for driving results through the AI project lifecycle.

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