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ai ai books ai leadership ai national security top ai books Dec 10, 2022

AI has potential across so many areas that a variety of books are needed. This graphic categorizes Amazon's top 30 AI books as of 12.3.22. You can see the void that prompted us to write: "Winning the National Security AI Competition - A Practical Guide for Government and Industry Leaders." (available on Amazon: t.ly/TCze)

Our goal is to give government and industry leaders throughout the national security enterprise the practical knowledge and skills with which to integrate AI into major programs and deliver mission results with AI projects. To that end, the book conveys 37 axioms and 100+ leader practices in the context of 50 case examples, 40 of which are national security.

In addition to pre-publication feedback from a diverse set of experts in the field, early feedback from a departmental AI executive, a senior staff officer, and a project-level data scientist indicate that the content is relevant and valuable to national security leaders in a variety of roles. We look forward to your feedback.

Stay tuned for more content to help you drive mission results using AI. 

Learn how you and leaders in your enterprise can quickly improve your ability to integrate AI into major programs and deliver mission results through AI projects

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